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Top of the crop of Spanish committed hip hop artists raise their voices on October 29 against imperialist war policy at Hip Hop x Palestina in Barcelona

Hip Hop x Palestina promises to be a historic event and for the memory of the music that doesn't shut up when we need it most. Following in the wake of other initiatives launched by civil society and Spanish cultural sector, this urgent musical meeting is another stone in the sandbox of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people and against imperialist barbarism. At the service of this noble cause and under the format of a musical evening, hip hop will articulate a unique concert with the presence of outstanding figures in the rap Spanish world of the moment who will offer us short but powerful live interventions in a non-stop format which will also feature parliaments, live mural painting and a joint closing at the height of the very high political commitment and artistic power of the projects that take part. The participation of all the agents involved is of a solidarity nature and all the profits that are generated will be allocated to different initiatives that work day by day with the resistance of the Palestinian people.

Musical line-up: Adala, Ana Tijoux, DJ Trapella & DJ Hochi (al beat), Elane, Hip Horns Brass Collective, Lágrimas de Sangre, Las Ninyas del Corro, Lia Kali, Lil Russia & Trusty, Los Chikos del Maíz, Masta Quba, Mus al Mur (pintura mural), Poor Tràmit, Sara Socas, Senyor Oca, Tribade, Valtònyc.

Hip Hop x Palestina is organized with the support of: Comunitat Palestina de Catalunya, Prou Complicitat, Pallasos en Rebeldía, Propaganda pel Fet!, Paral·lel 62, No Callarem, Radio Raheem Records, Guspira, Say It Loud & Que Soni.

Sunday October 29, 2023
Sala Paral·lel 62 – Barcelona
Doors: 6pm
Show: 7pm


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