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Sara Socas joins Propaganda Pel Fet!'s family

Listen to SARA SOCAS

While still a teenager, rapper Sara Socas (Tegueste, Tenerife; 1997) broke into the testosteronic world of MC battles in 2017 and has earned worldwide fame and respect in the world of competition based on courage, talent and jabs. . Using her pugilistic simile, Socas has thrown many jabs in cockfights to take her place in the championships: fast throws, always with one foot in front and marking and measuring distance with her opponents. Thus, based on courage, talent and many jabs, she has risen as Winner of the Gold Battle BCN 2021, Champion of the Federation Cup in the National Final of the Battle of Masters 2021, international semifinalist of Red Bull 2019 or Winner of the Girl Battle 2017, Femm Battle 2018 and the Battle of Azuqueca 2018. In March 2023 the Tenerife rapper announced her farewell to the world of competition, fed up with the toxicity inherent to the freestyle scene and excited at the dawn of her promising career as a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Without letting go of the speed loop, Sara Socas already presented “All Star” in May 2023, the first single + video clip of what will be her debut album, with Acción Sánchez from SFDK to the beat. Sara Socas has not stopped jumping rope and rapping, but now looks in the rearview mirror at the world of freestyle and has left the jab technique behind to face a future as bright as it is promising in which her courage and talent they make up the perfect hook to take the world urban music scene by KO.

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